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Livingston...For A City?

As part of the Queens Golden Jubilee Celebrations in June 2002, 4 towns in the UK were to be granted city status.   One in England, One In Wales, One In Scotland and One in Northern Ireland. Queens Golden Jubilee

Livingston was put forward  to be the Golden Jubilee City for Scotland. It had a lot of things which could make it a good city,. a good football team, a lot of tourists, a major shopping development, a major Silicon Glen area and more.   Livingston was the right size for a small city and was the best candidate for the Jubilee City up until 3 weeks before they would be decided.

3 weeks before the city was to be decided, Stirling decided to put in an application and they got it.

Stirling CastleHowever, Stirling only just bet Livingston by fragments of a point.   However because of this, does that not prove how much possibilities there are for Livingston.

If it almost became a city then  who knows what Livingston will be able to do in the growing future..

Although Livingston would have benefited from becoming the Jubilee City, it's doing fine as a Town, still getting high numbers of visitors for the shopping centre's, nearby towns and villages and when there is a home football match.

Who knows, Livingston may very well become a city in the future, but for now, it was a dream that has come to an end...but for how long?

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